When You Want To Shake Things Up, Call Shakey

Around 23 years ago an intense, gregarious, and fun little guy jumped into the limelight; that guy was me...

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When Life Deals You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT “When it comes to health and wellness, I discovered the more education I got, the more I learned I was wrong”. Marc Rosenberg, The Lemonade Shaking Guy When Life Deals You Lemons, Make Lemonade! It takes a LOT of energy being the Lemonade Shaking Guy! One of our fair members, Marc Rosenberg has a rather unusual career history...

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9 Famous Baseball Stadium Vendors

A good stadium vendor can make you forget that you're forking over $7.50 for 16 ounces "“ or four bites "“ of fleeting enjoyment. A bad stadium vendor can ruin your ballpark experience and your wallet. If you were to field a lineup of All-Star hawkers, you could do worse than this group. Read the full article Read full article >

Excerpts from Chapter 1: Facing the Truth: There Are Too Many Faceless Companies

Today's competitive business landscape demands differentiation. Companies must stand apart to be noticed. When evaluating the options—one can look at those brands or corporations that have done this exceptionally well and pinpoint the factors that have contributed to their success. In The Authentic Brand we go inside the minds of some of today's most prominent entrepreneurs to see how they achieved their success...

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Lemonade Shakin Guy by Gary Tharaldson

Marc Rosenberg: The Lemonade Shaking Guy

SP: Marc, please give our readers a little background information about yourself? MR: I graduated from the Univ. of Maryland. I worked at Club Med for 2 years...during the day I taught snorkeling and at night I worked private parties for 6 hours at a time. I was the choreographer of Guests of Club Med...

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Baltimore Jewish Times

Photo Caption: Most people who attend baseball games at Camden Yards have probably seen Marc Rosenberg. Mr...

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Things You Won’t See At Camden Yards in 2001

10. Scott Boras Night 9. Shaky Lemonade Guy selling herbal tea and Yanni cds 8. Mark Wiley looking relaxed 7. “Bring the Expos to DC” rally 6. Syd Thrift Bobbing Head Doll giveaway 5. Matt Riley winning the Fraternal Order of Police “Man of the Year” award 4. Activity in the Scalp Free Zone 3. Sid Fernandez retired number ceremony 2...

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Baltimore Magazine: Marc Rosenberg, Lemonade Vendor

Once, Marc Rosenberg was just like any other lemonade vendor prowling the upper decks. He hustled, though, and was promoted to the third-base side lower boxes. Then, on a humid 98-degree Baltimore day, with every kid in his section screaming for a lemonade, the inspiration came...

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